Criminal & Traffic Costs/Bond Schedule

Criminal/Traffic Court Costs

Effective May 1st, 2022 the following Criminal/Traffic Cost Schedule is hereby adopted:
Basic Court Costs $135.00
Motion for Plea in Absentia $150.00
Guilty Finding - Probation Violation $100.00
Diversion Supervision Fee $225.00
Motion to Seal
Conviction $100.00
Dismissal or Not Guilty Finding $0.00
Notice to Appeal 12th District Court of Appeals $225.00
Community Control Supervision Fee
(No More Than $300.00 Per Year)
$50.00 / month
Bail Surcharge (State Imposed)
(The Court Keeps 10% of Cash Bonds, O.R. Bonds Excluded)
Post Judgment Motion to Modify Sentence
Minor Misdemeanor $20.00
Other Than Minor Misdemeanor $100.00
Public Defender Application $25.00
Certified Copies of Any Entry Order $5.00
Photocopies $.10/page
Returned Check Fee $35.00
Subpoena Witness Fee $12.00
Electronic Transmission via Fax $2.00
Motion to View Scene $100.00
Pre-Sentence Investigation $100.00
Jury Trials, Each Juror Impaneled, and Alternate
(Per Day or Any Portion of Day)
Felony Bind Over (local costs) $25.00
License Forfeiture $25.00
Capias or Bench Warrant $30.00
Time to Pay
(If all fines, costs and supervision fees are not paid day of sentencing)

If a defendant's financial obligations are not paid in a timely manner and are sent to a collection agency by the Clerk, the defendant will be responsible for the collection fees imposed by the collection agency.

Bond Schedule

When Personal Appearance May Not Be Required

Many traffic violations and a few criminal citations may be paid without a court appearance. These waivable tickets can be paid at the Clerk's office (50 South Broadway, Lebanon, OH 45036), by mail, over the phone (1-866-895-0198; user code #84945), or online (

If your traffic ticket is waivable, and you choose to waive your right to appear before the Judge or contest the ticket, you will need to pay the amount listed below on or before your Court date. If your offense is marked "Required Appearance" or if you do not see your offense listed below, you are required to appear. If you have any questions about the amount owed, or whether your ticket is waivable, please contact the Clerk's office at (513) 933-7210.

All traffic offenders must show proof of insurance.

If you fail to pay the full amount listed below, or if you fail to appear in Court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and/or your operator's license will be cancelled.

Speeding Violations
Up to 10 MPH Over the Posted Limit $175.00
11 to 15 MPH Over the Posted Limit $185.00
16 to 20 MPH Over the Posted Limit $195.00
21 to 25 MPH Over the Posted Limit $205.00
26 to 29 MPH Over the Posted Limit $215.00
30 MPH Over the Posted Limit Required Appearance
Speeding in a School Zone
First Offense Within 12 Months (Up to 14 Miles Over) $235.00
Second Offense Within 12 Months or 15 Miles and Over (M4) Required Appearance
Fourth Degree Misdemeanor Required Appearance per Uniform Bond Schedule
Third Degree Misdemeanor Required Appearance per Uniform Bond Schedule
Other Common Traffic Offenses
Assured Clear Distance $215.00
Driving Under Suspension Required Appearance
Expired Operator's License Required Appearance
Expired Registration $185.00
Failure to Control $215.00
Failure to Stop for a School Bus Required Appearance
Failure to Yield $215.00
Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicle $285.00
Fictitious Registration $285.00
Following an Emergency Vehicle or Public Safety Vehicle Too Closely $285.00
Following Too Closely $215.00
Littering From a Motor Vehicle $225.00
Marked Lanes Violation $215.00
Minor Misdemeanor Moving Violation, Not Otherwise Specified $180.00
Other Minor Misdemeanor Moving Violation, Not Otherwise Specified $160.00
Reckless Operation (Disregard for Safety), 1st Offense $285.00
Right of Way/Left Turn $215.00
Traffic Control Device $215.00
Unclassified Misdemeanors, Not Otherwise Specified Required Appearance
Construction Zone
For all payable traffic offenses, the fine amount will be doubled and then costs added (Workers Present)
Safety Violations
Child Restraint $180.00
Distracted Driving $100.00
Intoxicated Pedestrian on Highway $280.00
Open Container in Motor Vehicle $235.00
Seat Belt
Driver $120.00
Passenger $110.00
Unsafe Vehicle $280.00
Parking Violations
Fire Lane Violation $135.00
Handicap Parking Violation $310.00
Miscellaneous Criminal Violations
Disorderly Conduct $210.00
Failure to Confine Dog(s)
1st Offense $195.00
2nd Offense Within One Year Required Appearance
Failure to Obtain Dog License $195.00
Open Container (Minor Misdemeanor) $210.00